A Bright Outlook

Madelyn Somers, creative director and founder of lifestyle brand Made Some Souvenirs, tells us more about her brand and sunny LA-living.

Tell us a little about your creative journey

Made Some Souvenirs came out of my love of travel and souvenir shopping. Every time I’d travel I’d come back with a souvenir reminding me of that place and I wanted to create something around that euphoric vacation energy. As a graphic designer by trade, colour enthusiast and collector of all things 70s - it came about pretty naturally.

What influences and inspires you most?

I really look to vintage clothing and graphic design from the 1960s and 1970s to inspire me and my brand. I love everything from furniture, art and fashion to graphic design on signs, matchsticks and coasters.

How do you approach a new creative project?

I love doing my research and making moodboards to support my ideas. Finding the right swipe is always so rewarding or scoring the perfect vintage piece to support my idea and use as reference is also really important in the process.

How does colour play a role in your work?

I’ve always had a strong relationship with colour. I think a lot of people can be afraid of colour and contradictory colours, but I really embrace them. My mom always said at a young age I had a keen eye for colour.

Tell us about your corner of the world… 

Los Angeles, California. I grew up in LA, but moved to New York for art school. For a long time NY felt like home, but moving back to LA and rediscovering it has made me realise what a wonderful place it is and how lucky I am to have my family here.

Los Angeles has a lot to offer whether it’s the beach, art, a variety of cuisines, music – it really is a treasure hunt for uncovering neighbourhoods from just about every culture. The variety, the sunshine and the diversity are probably my favourite parts. Summer is by far my favourite season here. I love how carefree and youthful it feels. Lots of beach and pool time (and sunscreen!). I’d say LA is both yellow and orange – both happy, positive and bright colours that exude a sense of warmth. That’s how I’d describe my LA.

“I’ve always had a strong relationship with colour. I think a lot of people can be afraid of colour and contradictory colours, but I embrace them. ”

How would you describe your interior style?

I love the hunt for vintage, so my place is filled with a lot of flea market finds and mid-century. There’s a lot of colour, orange and green, art on the walls, lots of Danish wood furniture, quirky objects and coffee table books. I have a painting my mom did from her early 20s that I absolutely love and it means a lot to have her work represented in my home. Lots of natural light is key, surround yourself with objects and colours that make you feel good and keep it somewhat tidy. 

I live with a lot of plants and do my best to keep them alive, but bringing those outside elements into my space just makes me happy and when I’m feeling positive, I do my best work. 

Where are your favourite places to travel to?

I truly can find beauty in many different places whether it’s Europe or a quick trip outside LA. I’ve been fortunate to travel to many places, but I recently went to Biarritz and loved it for its laid-back lifestyle, it’s kind of a cross between an LA mentality and Europe’s coastal beauty. Copenhagen is also a special place as it was my first solo international trip and it really made me confident in exploring on my own.

Where should we vacation this summer?

Ah, so many places – Puerto Escondido [in the Mexican state of] Oaxaca, Sri Lanka and Rio!

Any favourite summer flowers or foliage and why? 

I love marigolds because of their cultural significance in India for representing the sun, symbolising brightness and positive energy, also, orange happens to be my favourite colour! My other favourites are ranunculus and poppies. 

What would be your perfect summer gathering?

A warm evening with a long table under some twinkly lights surrounded by friends and family enjoying delicious wine and Mediterranean food.

What’s next for you?

I have a fun soap collaboration with Wary Meyers. We are doing a travel-sized soap inspired by the Italian Riviera. I’m also expanding into new categories and have been working on a core collection that includes some summer favourites. 

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