A Floral Narrative

We worked with artist Georgia Beaumont on this season’s illustrated message cards. Here we explore her creative approach and delve into the inspiration behind the intricate tapestry of her interconnected works.

Tell us about your influences and inspirations

I believe a broad appreciation for art, coupled with a sense of wonder at its myriad formats and mediums, is the foremost source of inspiration. Visiting galleries and museums, and recognizing art as a universal language that all artists are striving to communicate with, is profoundly powerful and inspiring. To me, it feels as if there’s a collective creative life force, and I’m compelled to be a part of it. I consistently find inspiration in artists like Peter Doig, as well as remarkable female artists such as Agnes Pelton, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Kiki Smith.

How do you approach a new project?

Every new creation I undertake is an extension of the preceding one, which is why I rarely experience significant distinctions between new works and projects. I like to envision everything I create as a form of world-building, where each painting or sketch contributes to the narrative. I often come full circle, revisiting older paintings and drawing from them, refining, altering, and assembling my new works. I commence each piece with paint and craft the composition as I progress, guided by memory, intuition, and my existing body of work.

“Just as we gather and lay out our fruits of the harvest to give thanks, these flowers dance upon the altar of nature..”

What do you love most about this season?

The soft, milky autumn light that fills my studio is truly enchanting. Autumn brings about a gentler disposition within me, and a hint of dreaminess. The hues of autumn are gradually finding their way onto my palette, as I delve into browns and red-greens. I have a fondness for chestnuts and acorns during this season; they possess a captivating beauty. The delicately scalloped edges of oak leaves also hold a special place in my heart.

What was your inspiration behind the illustration you’ve chosen for the collaboration with The Floristry? (Below)

This painting’s totemic structure is inspired by the idea of celebrating the seasons, just as we gather and lay out our fruits of the harvest to give thanks, these flowers dance upon the altar of nature. The threaded floral garlands decorate and call in the new season.

'Flowers for Michaelmas', this season's message card by Georgia

What’s next for you?

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be releasing a collection of small works with Wilder Gallery this September. Additionally, anticipate the unveiling of some expansive, large-scale works later in the year – a realm I’ve been eagerly exploring. I’m also yearning to return to Mexico and seek out a vast, mountainous landscape view. Rest assured, I’ll be embarking on new adventures in due time.

Receive a complimentary illustrated card (above) by Georgia with any purchase this season.

Follow Georgia’s wild-inspired work and life @georgiabeaumont__

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