A Vision In Purple

May Day season brims with the fruits of fertility. A time to appreciate the profound power of  motherhood, to witness the increasing abundance growing out of  sustained nurture. We greet this season of  plenty with a festival of  purple florals and lilac blooms.
Organic materials celebrate the gifts of nature all around us. Bring them to life alongside bursts of calming colour to make a house a home.

While rich and indulgent, purple’s palette has a deeply comforting effect, imbuing rooms with peace as well as vitality.

The gift of flowers calls the power of the wild indoors. Place bouquets near windows and pair with fragrant candles to usher in warmth.

Take inspiration from soothing lilac and lavender hues. Clear space for their calming energy in every corner.

There’s always room for a feminine flourish. Empty jars and bottles provide the perfect vessels for mood-boosting accents.

“The spring is fresh and fearless / And every leaf is new, / The world is brimmed with moonlight, / The lilac brimmed with dew”

Sara Teasdale