Angie Ng

Where fashion meets florals and dance- discover Angie Ng’s stylish apartment as she discusses the importance of me-time, movement and being a mum.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a fashion model, fitness enthusiast, trainer and mum. I love exploring new boundaries and learning. Now my main focus has shifted and being a mother is my top priority. I truly enjoy seeing my little one grow as I grow as well. It's amazing how I have learned and grown through him.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Morning coffee and breakfast and then either playgroup with baby D or the gym. If I’m not shooting that day, I will be back late afternoon to cook or bake. We also go to the beach some days which is not far from our home. In the evening I try to do some form of educational classes such as masterclasses and cook dinner for my partner. Then it will be bath time with Damian and we read stories every night before he goes to bed.

How do you maintain a calming environment or headspace on your down time?

I find time to be alone and silent, that time is very important to me. I listen to music that makes me feel calm. I could do it in an apartment or even on the tube/mtr. I don't need to be physically alone to have my alone time but for me finding that space and time for myself is vital in my personal growth.

How would you describe your interior style?

Easy, chill, full of plants and flowers. I am all about comfort and the ‘homey’. It is important that my home feels stylish but also welcoming.

What are your favourite flowers?

Peonies. I love them most when they are not open yet but just about the open. They are like little balls of magic and possibilities.

Fashion has played a big part in your career – what do you love most about the industry?

I love meeting new and creative people. My career has brought me all around the world and I am so fortunate to be able to work with some of the most creative people in the world.

Any favourite fashion pieces you own?

It's hard to pick an absolute favourite .. But I do love basic staples; a white Helmut Lang mens shirt, a plain white Kenzo t-shirt, Calvin Klein jeans, 2.55 double flap Chanel bag.

How does having flowers in your home make you feel and change your mood?

Ahh... It's everything! Flowers make you feel amazing! I love them! They brighten up the space and put a smile on my face instantly.

How do you weave nature and flowers into your everyday life?

I live right by nature and it’s one of the main reasons we moved to this apartment. I love my plants and I must have 50 or more around my home. I also have a couple of vases around the living area which I fill with different flowers every other week.

“Dance is about feeling and dreaming. I am such a dreamer and introvert at heart but with dance and movement you can speak without words”

As well as modelling you also enjoy dance and boxing. What sparked your passion for dance and movement?

Dance is about feeling and dreaming. I am such a dreamer and introvert at heart but with dance and movement you can speak without words and that's magic to me. Boxing on the other hand is about thinking and reacting quickly. It keeps me focused and I love how it makes me feel energetic and alive!

How does dance make you feel?

Dance is my personal comfort zone. It's when I don't have to be social, when I can just ‘be’.

How do you juggle being a mother with modelling?

There is never the perfect answer for this. Being a mother is far more important to me at this moment in my life. However it is important to still have space and time to do what I love and be who I am outside of ‘mummy duties’. I try to balance it as well as I can; some days better then others!

What things did you learn from your mother which you’d like to teach your own children?

Love! Love truly and love bravely...

What do you love most about living in Hong Kong?

Diversity and the ability to be in nature in 30 min or less. Beaches, and hikes are so easily accessible and there aren’t many cities out there which have that.

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