Behind The Flora

Baby Blue

Summer rain heard on window panes. The sadness of summer; a nostalgia for times gone by. A quiet calm seeking shade from high summer sun. In praise of soft summertime shadows as the beauty of blue hour descends.

In the glare of beating sunlight during summer’s hottest months, nothing comforts and consoles like the cooling shadows of quiet, solitary corners. Though typically considered the most energetic and upbeat time of year, summer also holds a beautiful sadness. A contemplative melancholy. A nostalgia. The pursuit of some calm to quieten, to heal. In cool shades of cobalt, indigo and cornflower, Baby Blue is a tender celebration of the beauty that lies in summertime sadness. A prelude to cooler months on the horizon. Indigo hydrangea speak to watery depths and summer rain – a traditional token of gratitude and understanding and a majestic gift to those you love and to yourself. This season, find a quite spot and flood it with shades of blue. Cathartic moments of solace. May this bouquet rain a river of respite, heal a broken spirit and comfort during blue hours.