Behind The Flora: All Saints

In a new series of posts we explore the inspiration, stories and meanings behind some of our most-loved bouquets.

Something saintly and pure, the All Saints Bunch celebrates simplicity and purity. Clean and minimal, it’s white and green colour palette is a token of something heavenly. Although white flowers are often associated with loss and sympathy we love and celebrate the elegant purity of simple white flowers and use them sparingly in a lot of our arrangements and most prominently in our All Saints bunch. Grace, innocence, the feminine, the virgin and the spirit are all images that are conjured up when speaking about this classic arrangement.
White flowers have for centuries been associated with the idea of innocence and purity. In Christian stories and art the Virgin Mary is often symbolised by white flowers and the story of the annunciation often shows the Angel Gabriel holding white lilies. Mixing pure white with bountiful bunches of deep green foliage make this bouquet a classic and neutral design perfect for clean and minimal spcaes.

β€œAll Heaven and Earth Flowered white obliterate... Snow...unceasing snow”

Hashin, Japanese Haiku