Garden Pleasures

A glimpse into the artistic realm of Colette Lavette, a painter whose canvases echo whimsical narratives inspired by nature.

Artistic Journey

I would describe myself as very sensitive and introverted, which aligns well with my penchant for solitary hours spent painting. My journey into becoming an artist involved a significant process of self-validation, learning to appreciate and trust my work independently of external opinions.

Influences and Inspirations

My biggest influences are drawn from my garden, my daughters, the natural world, and the timeless works of the great masters. Their collective impact shapes my artistic perspective.

“All my paintings incorporate themes of rewilding and naturalism...The pigments I use, including iron oxide, ochres, and lapis lazuli, all originate from the earth.”

Approaching New Projects

As an intuitive painter, my approach to a new project lacks a fixed ritual or preparation order. I prefer not to over think the process, allowing the artwork to evolve organically in whichever direction it needs to.

The Wild

All my paintings incorporate themes of rewilding and naturalism, initially inspired by rococo styles but now centred around healing. I believe everyone can benefit from spending more time in nature. The pigments I use, including iron oxide, ochres, and lapis lazuli, all originate from the earth.

In the Studio

My studio is situated in a village in the heart of England. The decision was somewhat whimsical; my boyfriend (now husband) and I, after extensive travels, wanted to settle somewhere with a local pub nearby. Over a decade later, we have a family and are renovating our 17th-century thatched cottage. A typical day involves simplicity—paints, a surface, a brush, and some quiet. I start with coffee in the garden, stretch a canvas, mix paints, and often play music. The day flows, and before I realize, it’s time to call it a day. My artistic journey began when painting with my second daughter in a sling. The minimal setup and simplicity of my studio have become comforting and humbling, even as my working hours expand. Books, every angled brush, and the putti mural above the window hold special significance in my studio.

Pre-Spring Mood

Spring is my favourite time, filled with the hope and anticipation of new beginnings. In the studio, flowers in pots, hollyhocks just outside, and the scent of cut grass create a vibrant and optimistic atmosphere. Hellebores, especially the double whites, captivate me. The ‘La Belle Époque’ and ‘Brownie’ tulips offer a stunning display as spring unfolds.

Upcoming Projects

I’m excited to share that my solo show in London with Gillian Jason Gallery begins in early February and runs for one month.

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