Harvesting The Light

As we approach the season of Harvest, here at The Floristry we’re not only reflecting on the events of  summer, but looking ahead to what the season may bring.

As I sit down to write this, I await moonrise to the south over the mountains through my window. A pink sky stretches out before me; the perfect dusky canvas for this full, yellow orb to rise upon. The moon: the main subject of this issue and the Harvest season. It seems coincidental but also meant to be that I write the introduction to this season’s issue on the eve of a full moon. Albeit not the Harvest Moon, but a supermoon nonetheless.

As summer begins to draw to a close, we look towards the autumnal shift. Here at The Floristry, we celebrate a mini season before Autumn: Harvest. September. A bitter-sweet month that feels full of nostalgia and anticipation in equal measure. We’ve loved and lost in September. We’ve found new ground and forged new paths. This month urges us to look back, to reflect; a soft sadness hanging in the subtle rustling of an autumn breeze. It also encourages us to look forward: to school, to life – summer’s fancies and frivolities a distant memory. Indeed, The Floristry marks its fifth birthday this September. And whilst we look back at oh-so many things we’ve learnt over the last five years – both enjoyably and with difficulty – we also look to the many exciting plans we have in store for all our flower-loving community. All shall be revealed, but expect a plethora of new events, happenings and spaces opening in the coming months.

But, back to the moon. The luminescent focus of our attention as we slip into Mid–Autumn festivities and the tradition of giving thanks during the harvesting of summer’s abundance. The feminine luminary, the ruler of ritual and, in our minds, romance. Tender, poetic, resilient, strong. Our Harvest Moon Bouquet has become an annual favourite and we’re excited to bring it back with a very special limited-edition vase inspired by the moonrise. To celebrate the return of this bouquet, we took a journey to celebrate mother nature and her elemental landscapes. Set against the backdrop of earth, air, fire and water, find our latest brand story shoot and discover the short film online now at

It wouldn’t be Harvest without a nod to the moon festival and this year we’re adorning our homes with both fresh and dried flowers. See how to create a moon-hued home with our Get The Look feature.

And who is inspiring us most this season? The moon-like textures and luminary quality of Marit Harte’s beautiful textures.

When looking for our next artist to collaborate with on this season’s illustrated cards, we found the glowing moon symbols in Laura Wickstead’s paintings to be the perfect accompaniment to our Harvest Moon collection. Discover the three designs as the muralist and illustrator tells us more about her artistic journey. And make sure to order from our new collection this season to receive a complimentary print by the London-based artist.

We escape to the fields and forage for wild mushrooms through Hanna Goldfisch’s Fragments. The Berlin-based model, photographer and content-maker shares some of her favourite photographs and what nature means to her.

Mid-Autumn isn’t complete without an evening of feasting. Işıl Okçu shows us how she’s styling the perfect Harvest table, complete with some of her favourite harvest dishes.

So as the moon rises this month, welcome in a softer mood. Ever so slowly begin the descent into cooler days. Look back on everything you’ve learnt this year and forward to all that’s to come. Harvest your favourite fruits, cook your favourite recipes and make your home a floral-filled space to reflect against the backdrop of our seasonal playlist. And on the night of the Harvest Moon, look up, give thanks and appreciate all we have. From everyone at The Floristry, we wish you a very warm, wild and happy Mid-Autumn festival.