Behind The Flora

Midwinter Melody

From the symbolism of white snow to the acoustics of sacred spaces, discover the inspiration behind Midwinter Melody, our new-season bouquet.

In celebration of the season, Midwinter Melody is dedicated to the wonders of winter. For this new bouquet, we created a chorus of snow-whites and warmer shades, from ivory to cream; arranged with dark-blue stems and hints of maroon through seasonal flowers and berries, evoking the season’s brilliant night skies. As a reminder of nature’s resilience, evergreen elements bring an optimistic final touch.

The bouquet’s name is inspired by the sound you can hear in the middle of winter: a soft, mesmerising song whispered over a silent winter’s night. We looked to philosophy and poetry, where the symbol of freshly fallen snow offers a spiritual stillness, representing the quiet mind that we might seek through meditation. The blanket of white radiates light, bringing clarity and unity of vision.

This relationship between silence and enlightenment can also be found in sacred and ancient spaces around the world – from the Byzantine churches in Greece, designed to reverberate at certain frequencies, recreating the heavenly sound of angels’ wings; to the UK’s prehistoric monument Stonehenge, which is said to possess musical properties, the stone circle making the perfect acoustics for intimate holy events.

Just as ancient cultures gathered in collective reverence and song, we seek to set a harmonious tone at our modern festive gatherings. Balancing soft whites with darker tones, Midwinter Melody is a quietly celebratory and uplifting design, made to inspire joy throughout the winter months.