Ode To The Evergreen

Welcome to Winter. In this month’s Musings, The Floristry team reflect on the season’s myths, meanings and the magical power of the evergreen tree.

Winter is widely considered the hardest of all seasons; with its short days and slower pace, it is the one we most frequently wish away. And yet, these very qualities are what makes winter the season of reflection. As we approach the end of the year, we are all given a chance to pause, to think. What if we embraced, rather than endured it – took the time to observe and appreciate all that the season has to offer?

For our team at The Floristry, winter means dark nights gathered around the open fire and conversations by candlelight. The warm food and warm embrace of the people we love. The challenge and sense of discovery in finding seasonal fruits and flowers, seeking out those special stems that withstand the season’s harsh conditions. The thistle, the winterberry, the evergreen tree.

There is something so majestic and enigmatic about trees like pine or spruce. While they span all seasons, conjuring memories of both summer road trips down the Big Sur coast and autumnal country walks in Wales – we somehow always return to the image of the evergreen in winter. Elegant and fragrant, each delicately crafted sprig makes the perfect partner to the season’s most-recognisable symbols, from soft white snowflakes to red Christmas ribbon. Most of all, these trees provide a kind of comfort to us in the colder months. Evergreen. Always there.

In Greek mythology, the perennial spruce tree was dedicated to Artemis, goddess of the moon, hunting, nature and protector of women. Her life consisted of walking freely in the woods, in the company of animals. As a comparable constant in the natural world, offering protection throughout the year, the spruce is said to represent Artemis’s virtues of reinvention, resilience and strength. It is also the centrepiece to Pagan celebrations of the Winter Solstice, with branches of soft spruce brought into homes as a symbol of hope and the promise of spring.

Homer dubbed Artemis ‘She of the Wild’, while other scholars have called her ‘Mother of Nature’. This makes her an inspirational figure for all of us at The Floristry. We believe nature should be interwoven into everyday life and flowers not just reserved for special occasions. Everything at The Floristry is made and curated with an emphasis on bringing elements of the wild into our homes and lives, through beautiful objects, surroundings and interiors.

For this season’s Story, The Spirit of Winter, we forwent the convention of cutting down Christmas trees, choosing to instead spend time in one of our favourite forests, decking the boughs of spruce and pine trees with paper ornaments. There’s something very special about gatherings outdoors in winter – everyone huddled around, sharing warmth, bundled up in layers – celebrating this season in harmony with our environment.

So many of our favourite winter rituals are about coming together. We’re looking forward to filling the home with family and friends, decorating the table in rich, celebratory tones through our favourite winter flowers and fresh foliage. There’s nothing more beautiful than bundles of winter spruce perched in the centre of your festive table, and no better time than the holidays to try out a new cocktail.

This winter, we want to raise a glass to you. Since its foundation in 2017, The Floristry has grown into a global community – all thanks to your support. Our brand is built around people, like you, who share our values, advocating a way of living connected to the natural world. While our magazine, Field Notes, has always existed in digital form and through limited-edition prints, we feel now is the time to delve deeper, to share our mission and musings on wild-inspired living, and to celebrate our members’ inspiring stories from around the world.

We hope this issue, and all the season’s messages of beauty and endurance can bring some comfort and joy. As one of our favourite authors, Rebecca Solnit, writes: ‘Hope is an embrace of the unknown and knowable’. This is what embracing winter means to us. Who knows what the season will bring? Remember, even in winter’s negative spaces, there is inspiration to be found – we look to the crisp, clear skies hanging over meadows and mountain tops; the delicate tree branches, still full of life.