The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

In a new series we explore simple day-to-day rituals with our creative community and find out more about their practice with a step by step guide to making the most out of the everyday.

In our first feature Liz Lam of @lizeatery shares her tips on the perfect cup of coffee.

As one of Hong Kong’s connoisseurs of the coffee shop scene, Liz shows us how to make an experience of home brewing your caffeine fix including everything from her favourite beans to making your own ceramic cups…


Pick your favourite coffee blend

With so many beans and blends available it’s important to try a few to find your perfect one.

'I prefer a more fruity tone so Ethiopian and Colombian are my first choice, I love the floral, citrus flavour from the Ethiopian and the sweetness from the Colombian. Both black and white coffee goes well with this blend too. For a latte I prefer natural Ethiopian beans- I like how the fruity flavour tastes like mixed berries. For hand drip coffee, I prefer Panama anaerobic washed Geisha. I love the elegant flavour from the Geisha variety and the additional funky, fruity tone with a clean cup finish.


Let it brew

Find your perfect brewing method.

‘I like hand-drip coffee. It's one of the most basic, approachable, and effective ways to make a good cup of coffee.‘ Take these moments to allow for some mindfulness and a brief few minutes to tune out and chill out.

“I like hand-drip coffee. It’s one of the most basic, approachable, and effective ways to make a good cup of coffee”



Pour your coffee into your favourite serving vessel or carafe to add another touch to your coffee ritual.


Dress the table

Scatter fresh flowers and sweet-smelling blooms around your table for a wild-inspired feel.

‘If I feel stressed from work, I’ll go get some flowers and feel instantly much better after having the uplifting colours and scents become a part of my home or workplace.’


Choose your drinking vessel

Whether a small espresso cup or a wide latte bowl, pick your most comforting and appropriate cup depending on your choice of coffee. Or even better, make your own.

‘With a passion for ceramics I actually started to make my own ceramic coffee cups in a mix of colours, textures, and consistencies. The whole process from brewing coffee to pouring it into my own cup is very therapeutic.’


Savour the moment

Make a ritual of your coffee by setting aside a regular time each day to practice and perfect your coffee craft.

‘I prepare mine every morning around 8-9 am, it smooths out my mood and energy level’

Follow Liz’s coffee adventures across Hong Kong here: @lizeatery

Shot at Round And Round Ceramic Studio