The Spirit Of Winter

This season, we escaped to the forest. Surrounded by the sound of silence, the smell of pine, we hung decorations around our camp, filled the table with seasonal flowers, and lit a fire. Shorter days, longer nights. Together. Close. The fire softly crackled, the wine tasted sweet and warmed us from within. We watched the sunrise from its first appearance, a line of light on the horizon, to its low peak, just filtering through the trees. The sun will be reborn again on the solstice, a symbol of hope. From white flowers and red berries to foraged evergreen foliage: explore the spirit of winter in our latest collection.

Midwinter Melody

Dedicated to the wonders of winter. A chorus of snow-whites, midnight-blues and deep maroon evoking the season’s brilliant night skies. Fleeting sounds heard on the winter solstice: a soft, mesmerising song whispered over a silent winter’s night.


Celebrate the season with a festive palette of elegant greens, calming whites and bold, brightening reds. A celebration of yuletide and Christmas. this bunch brings a touch of peace, comfort and joy.