Behind The Flora

Two Roads

Inspired by life on the road and carefree summers living from place to place and song to song, Two Roads is our most wild and reckless bouquet. In a white and yellow colour palette, it is designed to uplift and inspire thoughts of freedom, escape and road trippin’.

Dusty roads and the unknown ahead of us. A new destination each day, revelling in the pure joy of not knowing where we’ll end up. Two Roads is inspired by the liberty and freedom in living spontaneously. The bouquet and flower jars were designed to conjure memories of summers spent on the road: faces and arms hung out of passenger side windows; a warm breeze through tousled hair; the earthy scent of the sun-baked land stretched out in all directions. And, most importantly, those little yellow flowers growing determinedly from the gaps in the side of hot concrete highways. Roadside daisies, wild and free. Those small bunches picked beside a parked car whilst stopping for fuel and Coca-Cola in glass bottles. Impromptu, freedom-loving flowers that speak of crazy summers, winding roads and impulsive journeys chasing the sun. May these yellow flowers take you back there and spur you on to your next adventure. We implore you, take the road less travelled…