Behind The Flora

Wild Hearts

From first loves to Greek poetry and philosophy, discover the inspiration behind Wild Hearts, our new-season bouquet available exclusively for Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate this season’s romantic mood, our new bouquet Wild Hearts evokes the allure and anticipation of first love – those moments of flirtation and fleeting looks, when the heart quickens and passion is stirred. Delicate stems come entangled with elegant foliage and flowers in passionate reds, blush pinks and bursts of apricot. This wild-inspired arrangement nods to carefree and impulsive road trips enveloped in passion and romance.

Since ancient times, love has long been associated with the heart, which is why we named the bouquet after this universal symbol of romance. In fact, the oldest-known image of the Valentine’s Day heart shape was found on a coin, dating back to 510-490BC, from the city of Cyrene (near modern-day Shahhat, Libya). Historians believe this symbol was actually a representation of the herb silphium, made popular for its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. This emblem of love also inspired Greek poetry and philosophy, from Sappho agonising over her own ‘mad heart’, to Aristotle’s supposition that the heart was the centre of all emotions.

The story of Eros – the son of Aphrodite, and god of desire and intense love – and Psyche – a beautiful maiden who personifies the human soul – is one of our favourite love stories from classical mythology. It depicts the perseverance of passion and romantic dedication in overcoming obstacles to achieve happiness, with the overall lesson being that without trust, there can be no love. We hope our Wild Hearts bouquet also carries this heartening sentiment, as you invite its adventurous and amorous spirit into your home. In the words of singer Stevie Nicks: ‘Fearlessness is fearlessness… Dare my wild heart.’